Mountain Hedgewitch became a brainchild in early 2018, although it has been a pet dream since long before that. Deriving from old Irish pagan traditions, the items, spellwork and ideals have been combined with the practical uses of wortcunning, wildcrafting and homesteading to create a modern space for like-minded (or simply curious) folks to commune. It was created and is run by Mountain Hedgewitch, a one-woman crafter, and was later joined by the inspired artists who now contribute to The Cunning Folkery Shop.

Products found here are mostly wildcrafted and handmade, otherwise they are repurposed or rebuilt. All animal and plant products are ethically harvested and maintain the value they had while living. The hope is that they go to a home that cares for them as much as their creators and bring a sense of antiquity to each individual buyer.

Still interested in understanding the basis of Mountain Hedgewitch? Check out the INTRODUCTORY BLOG POST in The Veil, which talks about our creation story.


Contributing Crafters


Mountain Hedgewitch


      I’m a native Colorado artist who discovered the love of lore and nature at a young age. Magic was always present in my home and I have pursued the old world view of pagan reconstructionism ever since. I’m a training and practicing herbalist, solitary witch, artist and crafter. I aspire to one day become an accomplished hedgewitch so that I can continue to share that knowledge with others. Although, we all know the learning never stops.

      A majority of the items are hand- and homemade by me, if it isn’t harvested naturally and sold as-is. I simply love natural materials, particularly ones I have foraged or reclaimed myself, beside which I combine with my fascination of prehistory, ancient traditions, mythology and even the sometimes uncomfortable images of death. I desire to make things beautiful and original so that each purchase feels personal and sacred to the buyer. The desire is to intrigue, bewitch, beguile and rejoice with each and every customer.

The Veil blog is a chance to share pet projects, ideas, recipes, spellwork, homesteading tips, business confessions and funky spunks in an environment with like-minded (or simply curious) people. I am always happy to connect with anyone willing to give recommendations or ask questions.


Jenna Lee

Marketing and Content Writing

Apart from being the older sister to Mountain Hedgewitch, Jenna Lee has had a long career in content writing, marketing, editing and publication. On top of her practical side, she has the skills and love for poetry and narrative. Her support has served as a large inspiration for Mountain Hedgewitch LLC becoming a reality.



Wildcrafting Collector

Working from Southwest Colorado, Danette is yet another family member in the Cunning Folkery community who’s endless support has launched many of the products you can now find in the shop. With her access to natural areas, her keen attention to the unique and mysterious, she has attributed her findings to Mountain Hedgewitch LLC and asking for only the price of adventure. Her contributions have been invaluable to the creative process.


Mystical Nomad

Wildcrafting Collector/Metalsmith

    Apart from her ambitious scientific mind, Mystical Nomad has always found her calling in nature. A wanderer, an adventurer and a soothing soul, she has a huge role in the collection of product materials from the wild areas of Colorado. She also creates many of the fine jewelry pieces featured in the Cunning Folkery Shop. Taking beauty from nature, she is able to put it in the hands of the people.

    She also has a passion for palm reading and the divine. A true pagan at heart.


Steelburner Welding


      Travis is the owner of a welding business in Durango, Colorado and has been a wonderful addition to the Cunning Folkery shop! 

    Although his materials are not as natural as some of the foraged ones, his artistic and smithing skills have created many art pieces, candle holders and support items that give that gritty, mid-modern appeal to ancient history. Not all metal workers have as much love for their craft as Travis.