Remember your roots with our natural,hand-made, foraged and magical items



Candles, incense, burn bags and more. All the things you can light on fire. Use for rituals, everyday spell work, holidays or just to brighten up a room. 

Antiques and Relics

One of a kind items upcycled and repurposed second hand. Once they are out of stock, they are out of stock, so thrift these while you can.

Goods From the Woods

Materials sourced ethically from nature, made available to those who don't have access. Supplies for mystical projects, spells, decoration and more.

All That Remains

When you move beyond the veil, some things remain. Wildcrafted, ethically harvested animal products, including bones, furs, and other taxidermy pieces.

Health and Beauty

The body must be as healthy as the mind. Enjoy these handmade, all-natural products from our happy and healthy providers.

Paganism - Herbalism - Crafting - Gardening

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The reason the Cunning Folkery Shop goes by a different name is because it collective entity parallel to the one-woman business of Mountain Hedgewitch. The CFS is a place for artisans and crafters to gather and share their works, even combining efforts to bring you great products. Please read about the team and the individually unique ways they contribute! 

 ~ Community and family are the fortresses of success. ~


Interested in becoming part of the Cunning Folkery Shop team? Want to share your crafts and talents in a like-minded market? Contact Mountain Hedgewitch at any of the social buttons and show what us what you got!


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