Bath Teas: Everything You Wanted to Know About Bath Teas (Plus some!)

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Let’s talk about baths.

To be completely honest, I prefer showers. Always have. They are that safe place in the house where you can get the ultimate privacy to bask in the steam and water, both of which I find very cathartic, and allow the mind to drift off into fantasy worlds. Perhaps sing a song – we all sound better in there, after all. Safe to say, I’d rather sit in the pelting spray of a shower than splash around in a tub of warm water that will eventually betray my boiling hot needs and go lukewarm. Bath bombs? I roll my eyes at the trend. Who needs all those chemicals roiling around in the water with me?

And then I discovered bath teas.

Honestly, I don’t even remember where I came across the idea of herbal baths. Being an amateur herbalist myself, I’ve been surrounded by all kinds of plants that are great for the external parts of my body as well as the internal, and yet I never considered putting them into the bath until I happened across the notion. Then, as I was building the Cunning Folkery Shop, there was that wonderful “AHAH!” and I started designing the Mountain Hedgewitch Bath Teas. Through trial and error and tinkering and fiddling and making sure they looked juuuuust how I wanted them while remaining practical, I now have 3 different bath teas and 1 bath soak up in the shop, and I am immensely pleased with them.

I actually use my own bath teas now!

Alright, enough tooting my own horn here. This blog is more geared towards the different herbs that can make your bathing experience magical AND healthy, and talk about the bath teas you can grab right off this site to try out. First things first:

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Why should I use herbal bath teas?

If you have decided to take the more natural route in your life and utilize natural remedies for your wellness, you might be quite familiar with many of the herbs we will be talking about today. Yet, perhaps you’re also like me and the thought never occurred to you to use them externally, besides in salves and lotions.
The only difference between consuming these herbs (although, not all of them are for eating) and soaking in them is that you get the profits of the plants while also the benefits of the hot water. Combined with the Epsom salts, which are proven to relieve lactic acid build-up in your muscles, you’re in for a VERY relaxing day. Plus, you get an excuse for some much needed alone time (looking at you, moms).

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How to use them:

It’s so simple. With the Mountain Hedgewitch Bath Teas, all you have to do is uncork the magic and pour the contents into a bowl to mix the ingredients. While you stir them together, imagine what kind of bath you want to have and what hassles and tensions are taking it out on your body. Picture that, with every stir, you are banishing those stresses. Once the ingredients are mixed well, take your tea bag and put 3-5 tablespoons of your tea into it. The more you put, the stronger your bath will be. Tie that bag tight!

Now it’s time to start the bath. You will want to begin with the hottest temperature so that the heat will draw the beneficial oils and scents from the herbs and infuse them with your bath water. You can either toss the bag into the water or hang it from the bath spout under the running liquid. Allow the bag to soak for several minutes before adding the cold water to adjust to your preferred temperature.

Then, get in and enjoy! It really is that simple.

Mountain Hedgewitch Bath Teas in the Cunning Folkery Shop

If you’re not too sure about mixing your own feel good hex bag of random herbs and salts and butters, don’t stress about it. I offer plenty of bath teas that contain 2-3 baths worth of relaxing, sleep-aiding and sick-healing recipes. The three kinds I offer are geared specifically towards the results you want: Celestial Maiden for better sleep, Silky Selkie for softer, less irritated skin and Sick Gnome More for kicking out that cold.

The 5 ounce corked bottles are filled to the brim with all-natural ingredients, and include a tea bag and set of instructions to make your experience that much simpler. And the bottles are completely reusable! This allows you to keep the earth green and your mind at ease.

Celestial Maiden Bath Tea

Prepare to put yourself to sleep with our bedtime bath tea, the Celestial Maiden. on top of that already tranquilizing act of taking a hot bath to unwind from the day, combine it with our blend of herbs specifically focused on getting that deep, dream filled sleep. The aroma of lavender infused bath salts, chamomile, yarrow, calendula, hyssop, lavender and peppermint will take the tension out of your mind and keep your dreams free of negativity. Meanwhile, the natural constituents of these herbs relieve muscle soreness due to lactic acid buildup, inflammation to the skin and itchy irritations.

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Silky Selkie Bath Tea

Don’t let scales get in the way of you enjoying a swim in the ocean. Soften your pelt with Silky Selkie, which includes organic cacao butter, lavender infused bath salts, calendula, rose, soft oats, echinacea and chamomile. The heavenly aromas rid you of the day’s briny smell and the combined ingredients naturally soften the skin, reduce irritations, and act as anti-inflammatories that soak out muscle soreness from lactic acid buildup. Drift away as your bath becomes a milky, floral paradise.

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Sick Gnome More Bath Tea

Sometimes there is not enough magic in the world to keep you free of the common cold. Be it congestion in your head or aches in your body, Sick Gnome More is there to help take it all away. With its special blend of decongesting herbal aromas, all it takes is a few deep breaths and the refreshing coolness starts to work on your fever. It’s a well-gnome combination of lavender infused bath salts, eucalyptus, lavender flower, lemon peel, lemon balm and sage that is bound to get your pointy hat sitting straight again.

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Can’t decide which one to get? Why not have them all?

Bath Tea Bundle

Want the best of the Mountain Hedgewitch bath teas? Now you can have all three of our custom varieties in one Bath Tea Bundle! This sample pack is a perfect gift as a travel sized relaxation kit or simply and easier way to figure out which tea is fitted for your needs. Or perhaps they all are?

In this bundle you get a 1.7 ounce bottle of Celestial Maiden, Silky Selkie and Sick Gnome More bath teas. All include a tea bag to make your soaking experience one of quality and magic.

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Intensified soaks are also available

Another product that I developed is something a little more potent than the herbal bath teas: The Dragon’s Breath bath soak. The difference? This is a one off and it has an affect you’re going to feel.

Dragon’s Breath Bath Soak

What’s one of the most potent ways of getting rid of toxins in your body? Gross as the answer is, science and wives tales corroborate that SWEATING is one of the greatest natural detoxifiers humans have! The Dragon’s Breath bath soak helps you do just that and pushes out a variety of ailments including cold and flu symptoms, respiratory infections, inflamed muscles, hangovers and nausea, and it can even induce weight loss.  For this soak, you will pour the entire container into the tea bag and toss it into the bath water.

The main and most active ingredient is ginger. Valued for centuries to help with the aforementioned issues, Mountain Hedgewitch infused bath salts with this spicy root and includes dried root itself to induce an intense sweating that can last up to an hour after the bath is over, all the while soothing you with its fragrance. Combining that with activated charcoal (which not only turns your bath water into a cool midnight black, but is a proven detoxifier) and scale-like rosehips (which are full of vitamin C and other nutrients that help you battle attacks on your immune system), this bath soak is certain to help you sweat out those nasty toxins. It will feel like one of those giant fire lizards is in the bathroom with you! Take some time in your cave for self care and sweat the day away.

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All in all, bath teas are an easy, clean, natural and delightful way to give yourself some love. They also make great gifts for birthdays or just the random “thinking of you” surprise. Please feel free to visit the online Cunning Folkery Shop to read more about these products and perhaps get some for yourself. If you have any questions about how to turn your bathroom into a spa even the Greek gods would envy, contact me through email, Facebook or Instagram. If you’ve already purchased bath teas and would like to share your story, comment below or post to any of the aforementioned social medias!

Happy soaking!

Mountain Hedgewitch

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